4 Golden Steps

Every individual is unique & so must be the approach to planning a client’s Investment Portfolio. We will listen to you, understanding your goals & objectives, your comfort levels & anxieties to design & implement an investment strategy that fulfills your “mission critical” financial requirements.

Four golden steps of Financial Planning

  • Evaluate your risk appetite: Our investment process begins by working through the Risk Return Matrix Risk with Clients to identify their risk tolerance.
  • Identify your financial needs & goals: We then work closely with our Clients to quantify their income requirements & liquidity constraints as well as identifying short, medium & long-term financials goals.
  • Map your needs with your risk appetite: We discuss the risk-return paradigm with clients outlining the range of investment & insurance products that will optimally fulfill the Client’s financial aspirations within his risk appetite parameters.
  • Identify your optimum asset allocation & invest! We develop an appropriate long-term asset allocation plan, choose an investment methodology and execute the investment strategy.

We review each Client’s portfolio on an ongoing basis, evaluating & effecting adjustments in anticipation of macro or microeconomic changes, market trends or a change in Client needs.

Bottom line…Its your money, your life…we just want to help you realize your goals. Our genuine desire for your well-being & experience in Investment Management helps us structure unique financial solutions for each of our Clients.

“Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” - Anonymous